We’ve all heard the anecdotes of your boss coming across your CV online, or the risks of applying to a blind advertisement. Recruiters are often coy about revealing whom they are acting for – especially early in the selection process. So who should you trust with your CV? An eye-opener on this from SC Magazine regarding the possibility of using the information we all routinely include in our CV for the purposes of identity theft:

“Hi, I’m Jemima Wong …”

“Typically, criminals need just three out of fifteen key pieces of information to commit identity fraud – the average CV received as part of the experiment contained eight pieces of information.

(In a test involving 107 CVs which responded to a blind advertisement) 57 percent included a date of birth, despite this no longer being a requirement due to age discrimination laws, and 91.5 percent included a full address. A further 19 percent put others at risk by providing full details of references. One even included the applicant’s passport number and national insurance details.”

If I may summarise … Reputable recruitment agency, good; PO Box baaaaaad

H/T: Alan