Another quick one on Newstalk 106, this time on the topic of keeping your online presence clean on the social networking sites. The web has a long, long memory …

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I contributed to a fun piece on this in the Irish Independent a while back and the Irish Times had an excellent article [subscription required] by Karlin Lillington detailing some of the particular problems with Facebook too.

For me, the key things to remember on this are:

  • Make it easy for people to find you on the web (see the related post below). This is hugely important now. Get yourself up there and make sure you are promoting a consistent message about yourself.
  • Read the small print. You know the “I Accept” button detailing all the terms and conditions? You might not have clicked that quite so quickly if you had actually read the contents. For example, Facebook reserve the right to hold onto information that you have deleted. So even though you’ve cleaned up your profile in advance of setting out on a job-hunt, there may be traces still up there …
  • Sweep regularly for references to yourself. There’s no point having a carefully tended, consistent profile of yourself up on the web if your friends are posting movie clips of you participating in satanic rituals on their social networking sites. If you sweep regularly, you should pick up on any new stuff fairly quickly and you can get that ‘friend’ to delete it before it’s grabbed and posted on YouTube for the whole world to see.

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