Where’s My Oasis?

The Essential Handbook for Everyone Wanting that Perfect Job

Where’s My Oasis? The essential handbook for everyone wanting that perfect job

In today’s market place, job-hunting is for dummies – the smart people are career-hunting. You need to present a cogent, structured picture of yourself to a potential employer from the earliest ‘moment of truth’ right through to the final stage of the process.

Written in a wry, highly enjoyable and accessible style, the best-selling Where’s My Oasis? is extremely informative and has a unique, holistic approach, tackling every area of career management: both in the long- and short-term.

Where’s My Oasis? was not written to be simply a straight text on drafting CVs and dealing with interviews – it addresses topics such as: defining your goals; determining where your strengths lie; coping with job-hunting stress; networking; and much, much more! This book is a must-have for everyone thinking of changing their lives.

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Where’s My Oasis? Reviews:

I got the job! The two interviews I had to undergo didn’t ruffle my feathers at all having read and practised the ideas in Oasis. I dread to think what would have happened if I had been asked some of the more thorny questions a few weeks ago, but the profiling, mapping and rehearsal strategy that Mr Manahan outlines made all the difference.

Amazon: 5 Stars

I’ve read Bolles and Lucht and Jackson and many others, but Where’s My Oasis? puts them all in the shade. This is one book you will not regret owning.

Amazon: 5 Stars

I got more out of a single reading of this excellently written book than I did from an expensive outplacement programme I was sent on a few years ago… If you want to sound like every other candidate in the room, try one of the slim American volumes on offer here. If you want a real competitive edge that distinguishes you from the herd, Where’s My Oasis is the book for you.

Amazon: 5 Stars

Rowan is published by Vermilion (Random House) and is represented by Mulcahy Conway Associates in London.

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