I read a CV last week that had 17 spelling errors over the course of 4 pages. Most of them were underlined errors in MS Word – by which I mean that the software realised that they were mistakes and highlighted them to me by underlining them. The remainder were transposition errors – “form” instead of “from” occurred twice for example. When I pointed this out to the person he said, “I did that CV on my wife’s computer and it doesn’t have a spellchecker.”
Typos matter.
This highly qualified, immensely able professional has been representing himself with this CV for quite some time now. I dread to think of how many opportunities he has disqualified himself from.
Typos matter.
The Huffington Post has a story on a typo that resulted in a 1,000 unnecessary days in an Indonesian jail.
Typos can be very very bad …
BONUS – the Science correspondent with the Daily Telegraph was obviously very excited about CERN’S latest attempt to bring the universe to an end under the mountains of Switzerland.
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