I was asked to conduct a deepdive at the Dotconf this week on this topic. What if you get an unexpected opportunity to make an important presentation? A slot at a big conference? Some major investors roll into town and someone in your network gets you 30 minutes with them? You’re asked to demo your app at a major keynote? (Hey, it happens! The fine folks at 3D4Medical got to be part of Apple’s video at WWDC this week)

I had 30 minutes to give as many juicy ideas as I could to a fabulous, engaged, and responsive audience. I broke it down into:

  • 4  Instant fixes
  • 7  Quick and quite easy fixes
  • 2  Long-term fixes that require a bit of sweat
  • 1  Hardcore, full-on, highly sweaty fix

Here’s the annotated slide deck:


Date: Friday 15th June 2012