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I saw this A4 poster in my local post office a while back. Black and white [the colour is due to my pixellating the contact details], badly photocopied, a little askew on the wall and held up with four large blobs of Blu-Tak. With a mobile phone number as the principal contact point. And so clear. And legible!

Before I know it, I found myself with my phone at my ear – I actually had to force my hand back into my pocket! What a truly compelling advertisement and indication of the quality of the service provided!

One teeny wrinkle did occur to me. Who exactly are they advertising to, placed as they are in a small local post office used almost exclusively by little old ladies to collect their state pensions?

I would love to have been present at that strokey-beard meeting:

“Hey lads, I’ve had a great idea!”
“You know the story about the two shoe salesmen in Africa?”
“No. What?”
“Well, one of them sends a telegram back to his boss saying, basically, ‘I’m wasting my time over here – no-one wears shoes in the jungle,’ whereas the other one says in his telegram ‘Send me 10 more container-loads of shoes, this is a perfect opportunity – no-one here wears shoes yet!'”
“Okay. So?”
“Well, I was in the post office the other day …”

And the moral of this story is … something to do with your presentation and knowing something, anything at all, about your audience and having a message that’s even vaguely relevant to them. Or something. Fill in the blanks.