[Image from igamer on flickr]

First, as always, I would say we are all in the make-your-boss’s-life-easier business.

And second, a stunning post from Scott Ginsberg (the nametag guy) on the subject of the business we are all in – the people business. Extract:

It doesn’t matter what you sell.
It doesn’t matter what you create.
It doesn’t matter what your job title says.
It doesn’t matter what service you provide.
You work in the People Business.

3. People don’t trust companies; they trust people.

12. People don’t want to hire consultants, speakers, trainers or recruiters. They want to hire smart, cool people who happen to consult. Or speak. Or train. Or recruit. Or whatever. So be smarter and cooler.

14. AND REMEMBER: if they like you as a person, they MIGHT hire you. But if they don’t like you as a person, they DEFINITELY won’t hire you.

And much, much more of the same clear-thinking stuff …

[Thinks … “I’m nametag man!” Hmmmm – I wonder what Nametag Man’s super-suit would look like? Wouldn’t it crinkle noisily under his street-clothes? What would be his equivalent of kryptonite? Indifference possibly? I get the feeling that a fortress of solitude wouldn’t exactly be his bag either – a Fortress of Interesting Crowds maybe?]