I opened my Blogger dashboard on Sunday night to be confronted with a rather ugly message from those nice folks at Google inquiring as to whether I was a real person because my blog had been flagged as a possible spam blog by their fiendishly clever little bots. So, apologies for the silence for the past few days, but I had to prove to those nice folks [or perhaps to one of their not so nice bots] that I am in fact a sentient, carbon-based, opinionated, life form.

My mother-in-law calls my efforts here at the Oasis my “Blob.” She is completely sincere in her inquiries and her interest – “Did you hear? Rowan’s blob has been nominated for best business blob again!” but apparently what I do here is blobbing.

Maybe she knows something I don’t … Perhaps the Googlebots know something I don’t … I keep feeling around the base of my skull for a jack socket, but thus far … nothing. But then again, there wouldn’t be, would there …?