Ultimate CV

Trade Secrets from a Recruitment Insider

Ultimate CV: Trade secrets from a recruitment insider

So, after much careful, painstaking research you are finally ready to take yourself, and your wealth of experience and qualifications, to the job of your dreams. The first opportunity you’ll have to present yourself is through your CV. So you’d better get it right.

Ultimate CV tells you exactly what you need to know to write a selling CV. Recruitment expert Rowan Manahan offers insider knowledge on what does and does not impress and guidance on how to turn the basic essentials of your CV into a successful presentation.

In clear-cut language, this book tells you: what to include and what to avoid; how to steer clear of easy blunders and employ simple but effective techniques; how to present and style your CV, including what vocabulary, language style and fonts to use; and, how to write your first CV as a first job-seeker.

Whether you’re starting from the beginning or moving on to pastures new, Ultimate CV offers unambiguous, practical advice on creating the right CV for you. It can be surprisingly easy to get it wrong, but with this book’s insider knowledge we can all get it right.

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Ultimate CV Reviews:

…an indispensible guide to surviving a highly competitive market.

Amazon: 5 Stars

It feels less like reading a book and more like being coached by an expert. …the attention to detail and thoroughness of approach goes far beyond anything I have read before.

Amazon: 5 Stars

Rowan is published by Vermilion (Random House) and is represented by Mulcahy Conway Associates in London.

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