Declan Chellar – he of the Macaroon eyes and the wonderful cartoons – tagged me with a lovely meme. What makes you feel like a blissed-out six year-old again?
I have never had any difficulty in staying in touch with my inner child, as Mr Hicks would say, my problem is more about staying in touch with my outer adult. What instantly transports me back to short-trousered happiness? Any birthday party that involves these four elements:
  • Balloons on the front door indicating “The party’s on he-ere!”
  • Piping hot cocktail sausages, with the little sticks
  • Chocolate Rice Krispie cakes – preferably made with good quality, dark chocolate
  • Party bags for all the guests – or me, anyway – on departure
These elements were all in place for my 21st, my 30th and my 40th birthdays. Am I a simple, undemanding soul or what?

I hereby tag … the entire blogosphere!

I highly recommend making your Rice Krispie cakes out of this splendid product