A bit of fun on the radio yesterday as we discussed what makes for a perfect boss. All the surveys keep coming out with differing views on what constitutes a good/bad manager. Two of the most common faults that I hear and see highlighted are:
  1. The boss who wants to be everyone’s friend.
  2. The boss who sits on your shoulder like Long John Silver’s parrot, micromanaging every semi-colon and full stop. [“Move the thing! Nooo! That other thing!”]

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Time didn’t allow for the final point I wanted to make. The one attribute I would look out for, more than fairness, more than an ability to bring people together, more even than integrity, is security. A boss who is truly secure in him/herself is a rare bird indeed and a boss to be treasured. A boss who is secure, self-aware and self-accepting will look out for you, will train and develop you and will be happy for your success and contribution.

It’s a pity this attribute is so hard to spot. Personally, I favour a system of lapel badges …