We have now reached just over 400 online subscribers and close to the same number receiving Fortify Your Oasis by email (plus, coincidentally, the same number of incoming links from other sites since all this blogginess started – thank you everyone who has noticed and linked and especially to all those who have commented).

Add that to the 4,000-5,000 ‘uniques’ that Statcounter tell me come a-visitin’ every month and that’s a very nice little community. Pull up a chair and I’ll put the kettle on …

If you’re one of those visitors who has bookmarked Fortify Your Oasis and pops back here very now and then to see if there’s anything new, do try subscribing to our feed instead – it will make your life so much simpler. If you look up into the address bar of this site in your browser:

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You’ll see a little orange thingie over to the right of the http address bit. See it? It looks like this:
If you see our little orange friend on any web page, it means that you can subscribe to it using an RSS reader. Why would anyone, or more particularly you, bother to do this? One word answer – time. If you have a bunch of sites that you like to visit regularly, every time you visit one and wait for it to load, it’s dead time and if the site hasn’t been updated since the last time you visited it, it’s completely dead time. As your collection of bookmarked sites grows, this becomes a major waste of time.

The workaround on this is to subscribe to the site’s RSS feed. That way, every time it updates, it notifies you and sends the updated article or blog entry or piece of news into your online reader, which is a page you own on the interwebs. “Subscribing” is a dark and scary word for anyone who remembers the analogue world of subscribing to newspapers and magazines [for those of you who don’t remember that, it was back when the world was still in black and white and dinosaurs had just stopped roaming the earth].

Subscribing to an RSS-based website or feed, on the other hand, is free and simple and you can unsubscribe from any site any time at the touch of a button. The marvellous folks at Common Craft explain this far better than I can in this short video:

Video thumbnail. Click to play

Click To Play (RSS Readers may need to click through to the post)

Do try it.

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