Mikko Hypponen presented at TED Global in Edinburgh last week. I’ve long been a fan of Mikko’s due to an involvement in the Infosec space some years ago and follow him on Twitter. so when I saw him mention that he had locked his slides for TED:

I retweeted it with some amusement, wondering what he had in mind. Watch and enjoy – here is an amazingly technically-minded person talking to a bunch of ordinary folk, using props, pictures, live demos and just a little theatre to give a rich context to the problems we face now, and for the future, on the net.

Readers on RSS feeds will need to click through to the post – it’s a TED thing, sorry.
A brilliantly conceived and executed talk that manages to simplify complex issues without patronising the audience. Watch and learn.

UPDATE: Mikko answered questions about his talk in an “ask me anything” session on Reddit.

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