Spam is listed on my “Likes Loves Hates” presentations as the one thing I categorically hate. And now, it seems, I’m one of them …
I got a ‘please confirm me’ from a trusted client on [no link for these smug little bassas]. Because of who he was, I didn’t go to their homepage first and suss out this social networking site, I just hit the signup and confirm button – at which point the lovely code monkeys on Yaari sent a spam email out to my gmail contacts and ruined my morning.

Sure enough, 5 seconds of Googling uncovers the scam, including the warning that they tell you in their terms and conditions that they’re going to do this. But it’s just so [hu-uzzzz!] creepy

Thank God then for Eclecticity – who posted this gem on his blog just this morning and made me laugh out loud:

If you don’t already read his diverse miscellany on a daily basis, you don’t know what you’re missing.