Anyone? … Anyone?

We got this into the main Fortify mail address over the weekend. At first, we thought it was a wind-up from a friend, but apparently this is a serious job application:

Dear Sir or Madam, I’m sending my application to apply for any suitable position in your organization and believe that my qualifications and experiences background are appropriate for a good position in your organization.

Currently I work as customer support agent with Company X (The major telecommunication company in the Country X), my main duty is to handle customer inquires about the services, also supporting them about the products and services I used to work as administrator with road and transport authority in City X, which gave me a lot of administration skills

Also I have a good experience in sales as I worked before in travel industry as consultant in two temporary positions in Company and Company national travel agencies, and before that as a reservation agent in internship program with Qatar airways.

I was graduated from High School in 2000 with grade of 82.9% in scientific section, after that I finished a course in ticketing and reservation from International training academy and Airline X in 2002, as well I took some courses in IT in varies fields like networking, designing, programming and processing.

I’ve completed my first year to get my bachelor Degree in mass communications at University X – Distance Education Center – Country X branch and I would be graduated after 3 years.

I believe that working with your company will add a value to my personality and experiences.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours Sincerely,

Clueless Applicant

The attached one-page CV offered us the following Objective statement:

I am a very well independent individual, seeking an experience to work in an international company, and further utilize my already developed skills. I have developed interpersonal and leadership skills through my previous employment on a daily basis. It has motivated me to seek a rapid, well developed company that it wills an able me to continue and to proceed into a higher level of position within the company.

And in the personal information underneath that, it tells us that this individual is fluent in English as well as in his local tongue. So okay, let’s not harp on the fact that this applicant has obviously never run his CV or cover letter past a native English speaker and let’s not even harp on about the fact that he has bulk mailed this out to God knows how many “undisclosed recipients” or that he has sent applications to Ireland which has a very shaky economy that it shedding jobs by the thousands on a weekly basis at the moment.

Let’s ignore all those factors.

Does anyone think this applicant is making any other errors with his approach to the marketplace? Anyone? Anyone?

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