On this, the 20th anniversary of the release of PowerPoint, I thought I would share a tool I have been using for many years now with you all. As a modern dad, writer, blogger and lecturer, I regularly treat my daughters to a full-blown multimedia bedtime story. Books? Pish-tosh! We’re a DIGITAL house!

Unfortunately, Slideshare can’t capture the heady excitement of this way of telling a bedtime story – the transitions, whizz-bang animations, and wonderful Microsoft sound effects. Still, I hope you get the idea …

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Happy anniversary PowerPoint. You are a great tool – but like boys, cigarettes, Jessica Simpson and High School Musical – just not in my daughters’ bedroom.

I use this PPT to illustrate just how badly slideware can ruin a good story if you let it. PowerPoint is not always the answer, even if it will communicate “the basic facts” to your audience.