Economics – a dismal science if ever there was one. I love this piece as it pops so much of the smug, one-liner, soundbited twaddle we’ve all been subjected to over these past months:

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When are we going to learn? There is no Wizard of Oz; just a good light show and a paunchy, balding, snake-oil salesman behind the curtain pulling the levers …

John Bird and John Fortune debunked the whole thing so magnificently – and it’s worth bearing in mind that this piece was recorded in the Summer of 2007:

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What’s fascinating me with all the posturing and postulating at the moment is how all the George Parrs are out there trying to convince everybody that they are (a) relevant (b) in possession of the solutions to this mess and (c) worth paying millions and millions of dollars to while they repair that which they have broken.

Place not your trust in self-described Masters of the Universe my son …