Long-time sufferers readers will be familiar with my ongoing tilting-at-windmills rant about slowing things down, and breathing ionised air, and just being every now and then. The feeding frenzy is dependent upon hurrying. As long as people are in a hurry, they’re not taking the time to think and if they’re not thinking, you can get almost any idea past them.

So much of my practice involves getting people to … stop.
And breathe.
And think.
And clarify.

I don’t do rocket science, I’m not clever enough.
I do common sense.
I do reflection.
I ask the awkward question.
One of the most common feedbacks I get from clients at all levels is, “Well when you put it like that, it just makes sense.” You can’t apply Occam’s razor while your brain is overheating any more than you can shave with a straight razor while running down a flight of stairs.

I had a boss years ago who used to play the “unflavour of the month” game – he would suddenly round upon you and criticise you for behaviour or standards that had been praiseworthy only days before. This was very unsettling and, of course, stemmed from his immense insecurity. His thinking was that as long as his staff were off-balance, they couldn’t be plotting against him

If everything is plain, smooth sailing in your life, lucky you. I am happy for your equilibrium and wish you well. If however, there are wrinkles in your existence, I say again – stop, think, clarify. You can’t fix anything without clearly defining what the problem is and if someone or something is keeping you running flat-out or occupying your headspace to a degree that precludes you from gaining that clarity, it’s time to hit the pause button.

This glorious advertisement takes the slow-mo part of that idea to a wonderful extreme. Enjoy.

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