On the one hand, it’s been a predictable night, with the pollsters pretty much on the money, but it was still an exciting night for all that.

I took most of my coverage from the BBC with a very reasoned David Frum and a very cranky John Bolton, amongst others, being moderated by the ever-excellent Mr Dimbleby.

Uplifting, aspirational and gloriously articulate speech from the President-elect.

John McCain’s concession speech was wonderful – so sincere, so unifying, so gracious. The money quote of the night for me was from a pundit on the BBC who said:

“The first sixteen Presidents of the United States could have owned Barack Obama as a piece of property.”

What am I looking forward to? Well, amongst other things, I’m looking forward to hearing President Obama say the word, “nuclear” – and pronounce it correctly. And I’m really looking forward to his inauguration speech …