Present Like a Pro

Presenting is simple (it's just not easy)

Happy endings (that we can talk about) in the last while:

  • Worked with 11/13 speakers at the massively successful TEDxDublin in September 2014
  • 6 clients uplifted onto the front page of
  • My clients have won the Intertrade Ireland Seedcorn competition two years running
  • Prepared 27 speakers for the big stages at the Websummit
  • Plus numerous corporate pitches, investor roadshows, and speeches (the bit we can’t talk about)

A good speech or presentation is effective. Full stop. The vast majority of speakers and presenters lose sight of that and become so wrapped up in their needs and their worries, that they forget who the talk is all about – the audience.

Cast your mind back. How many of your teachers were inspirational? Lecturers? Salespeople? Bosses? Politicians? How many speeches, classes, and presentations have you sat through in your life and how many of those were truly memorable? A handful? Let’s fix that (annotations in the little cream boxes):


Rowan will transform your presentation content, delivery, and technology to whatever level you require, to achieve the outcome that you want from your audience. Whether you are seeking to secure investment, stand out from the competition at a conference, gain approval for an initiative in your company, or use your presentation skills as a career-enhancing tool; let us know what you’re trying to achieve and leave the rest to us.

With his extensive experience in the corporate world, both as an employee and consultant, Rowan knows what will work and what will not; so he can contribute to the content and narrative flow of your presentation. Since 1989, he has wordsmithed everything from medical case studies through quarterly financial announcements to wedding speeches. He doesn’t guarantee to turn to you into Barack Obama, but when you’re finished working with him, you certainly won’t sound like George Bush.

On the technical side, Fortify has a full design studio that can rapidly turn around everything from a simple PowerPoint or Keynote file to high-end multimedia, animated, or HD video presentations. And Rowan’s innate nerdiness comes to the fore when you need help in learning the best that technology has to offer. From choosing the right presenter remote for you, to the nuances of slide transitions, we can help you get your ducks in a row.

There are all sorts of good ideas to help your presentations on the blog here. For a tailored consultation on maximising the impact and effectiveness of your presentations, at whatever level you are making them, give us a call.


Rowan is the presentation super hero – le super-heros des presentations! He truly changed my perception of presenting by going straight to the point with passionate communication. Il est le maitre des analogies. Also seems to know about psychology. I can only recommend him really if you want people to remember what you say ;).

Frederic Herrera, CEO of VBOT