I don’t know who Learn Liberty are – I’m guessing they are a fairly typical right-leaning American think-tank, which makes the scruffy bearded academic type they’ve put here as their spokesman an ‘interesting’ move. I’m actually less concerned here with message, or even with the veracity of the numbers being used, than I am with the way in which Mr Scruffy Academic is presenting those numbers. Have a look:

YouTube Preview Image

Very effective.


My only quibble is that the labels on the X axis are a little squashed together – they could probably have gone with 4-year increments to make the slides even less fussy.


Other than that, it’s good stuff here, which really shows the power of introducing your charted data sequentially. Learn how to animate your charts and graphs in your slideware – it’ll be time well invested.

Mr Academic also uses the very smart technique of putting up his data and then going over it again with a new colour (a simple hand-drawn line in your slideware, with a ‘Wipe’ animation effect to introduce it, will recreate this effect) giving great emphasis and credibility to the data he is presenting.

Finally, he uses the ‘refrain’ technique throughout the brief talk – showing a strong visual element (in this case the pie chart with the percentage of GDP slice highlighted) that he continually drops into the presentation over other data that he has just explained. Human beings are a massively visual species. This kind of visual reinforcement of a strongly-made point can really hammer your message home.

It’s a little extra work to bring your charts and graphs to life like this, but it allows you to surprise your audience after setting up the story, or get their heads nodding as you show them the stuff they want or need to hear from your data. Take the time to bring your charts to life – it’s time well invested.