Update on previous post:
BBC Radio 4 put out an extraordinary programme on February 5th entitled A Very Special Relationship detailing how much contact Rupert Murdoch has had with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown in the recent past and the extraordinary relationship that exists between them.

Mr Murdoch took questions at the World Economic Forum at Davos on February 2nd and when asked if his News Corp. had succeeding in shaping the agenda on the war in Iraq, Mr Murdoch said: “No, I don’t think so. We tried (emphasis mine). When asked for further comment on that topic, he said: “We basically supported the Bush policy in the Middle East … but we have been very critical of his execution.”

Last time I checked, the job of the newsman is to report the news, not shape an agenda or support a policy. Not good. There have been many column miles written about the left wing bias of particular news outlets or the right wing agenda of various others. Rupy isn’t even trying to pretend impartiality any more. So, my warning about taking information for professional or career-related decision-making from all of these sources stands. Let the reader/viewer beware!