The Independent in London ran a piece, citing yours truly, for the new year examining the ‘blues’ that so many people express at this time of the year. Extracts:
The new year brings a new perspective on our jobs and that perspective can be rather bleak. “We get a vast number of people coming in saying, ‘Bloody hell, not another year of this,’says Rowan Manahan, a careers expert and the author of Where’s My Oasis?. “Work is dreadful for a huge number of people.” And if you thought you had it bad, pity the Japanese, who even have a legal term, karoshi, for working themselves to death.

Whether overwork or boredom is your worry, the first thing to do is be honest. “A huge part of the problem for people is that they’ve followed the path of least resistance and now they’re stuck in a rut,” says Manahan. “What you need is absolute clarity.”

… Not, he is quick to add, with your boss, but with yourself. Draw up a list of the things you want from work and the things you hate and see how your present job fits in with that, what changes would make it more bearable, or what career you can do that would be better.

“It ain’t in any way intellectually challenging,” says Manahan. “But it does require some self-effacing humility combined with the confidence to see yourself in the cold light of day.”

… You will never get that promotion or new job until you know yourself what makes you tick, and what makes you special.

Full article here.