“Networking is my mantra!” (Tom Peters)

More nice chats with the lovely folks on Q102. This time our subject is networking – online, offline, for shy people, for outgoing people. Here’s part 1, where we get into the whole idea:

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And part 2, talking more about the mechanics of the process:

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Talk to any career management or outplacement firm in your neighbourhood about routes of entry into the job market and they will tell you that the number one method, once you get past entry-level positions, is through “some level of personal contact.”

Our figures for 2007 at Fortify were that 57% of our Management and Executive clients either heard about the job, or discovered key information that enabled them to secure the job through their network.

Have realistic expectations. Slow, steady build. Keep at it. Reap the rewards. In a jobs market that is built upon job insecurity, that sounds like no-brainer common sense to me …

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