That is, discrimination on the basis of mass.

Apparently, Dr Regina Benjamin, Barack Obama’s selection for Surgeon General, is coming under fire because of her weight. The logic, it seems, is that she won’t be a good role model – for anyone! – on the subject of health, because she is … generously proportioned.

The Washington Post says:

“… some voices have wondered whether a person who is on the heavy side is the best person to lead the nation’s health agenda, particularly as we attempt to wage war on obesity.”

Well, considering the success of so many of America’s “War on …” efforts (the war on drugs, the war on terror, the war on poverty), I’d have to say it really doesn’t matter what size the Surgeon General is, seeing as the War on Obesity is never going to have any appreciable effect whatsoever on the average waistline. Perhaps the dissenters would prefer Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie or some other pipe-cleaner to represent the paragon of what a healthy person should look like?

I shall watch this dog fight unfold with interest.

And, speaking on behalf of circumferentially challenged people everywhere, I’d just like to say it would be nice to see a skinny, athletic creep get his comeuppance every now and then:

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