I use a headset for my mobile phone all the time. Not because I’m particularly worried about radiation, but rather because I spend so much time on that phone each week that my biceps would be bigger than my thighs were I to hold it up my ear all the time.
I am also prone to going for a walk when I am dealing with a long call. I’m a pace-the-room sort of man at the best of times and I prefer to walk-and-talk unless I’m going back and forth over a presentation document or similar while the call is unfolding.

With the result that if you take a stroll along Dun Laoghaire and Sandycove seafront [See that picture up the top of the page? That’s the view from right outside my office], you will regularly see someone who is obviously schizophrenic or, at the very least manic, marching up and down by the sea apparently ranting unwanted advice at random passers-by.

If you observe me displaying this behaviour, look carefully for an earbud in my right ear. If you don’t see one, I recommend exercising extreme caution …