… PowerPoint need no longer be your tool of choice. Extraordinary lightbox and sand images from the winner of the Ukranian version of Got Talent:

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I very rarely see business presenters bringing their artistic talents into their delivery – apart from an occasional smiley on a flipchart. It’s a pity, because if you have any talent in this area, it can make for a very arresting addition to your presentation. The UberAnalyst, Declan Chellar illustrates his own PowerPoints and blog posts with his highly memorable cartoons. I liked this example from a presentation on requirements analysis:
So the client describes their need – “I want to get a person to the other side of this gorge.”
“No problem,” says the Analyst, and tells the coding team what’s needed and the coding team build the best cannon you ever saw. Result – unhappy client.“But I need (a) for the person to be alive when they reach the other side of the gorge and (b) it would be kinda cool if they could come back across the gorge too.”
“Gaaaaaah!” says the Analyst. “Why the hell didn’t you tell me that back when we were doing requirements analysis?”
“Well I just sort of assumed you’d know – ya know?”
“So what you’re really telling me is that you need a bridge?”
“I guess I am. I realise it’s not as exciting as the cannon, but it’s what we need.”
And when Mr Chellar delivers this, it’s a highly memorable never forgettable message.
Think about what talents, skills or party pieces you can bring into your presentations to make them more effective …