In a homogenised world, of similar products, serving similar functions, at similar prices, how do we make our purchasing decisions? Whether those decisions be which kettle to buy or whether or not to accept somebody’s ideas during a presentation?

Yes, the kettle needs to boil the water. Yes, the chair needs to support my weight. Yes, your idea needs to make sense. Yes, the MP3 player needs to hold lots of songs and fit in my pocket. But they pretty much all do … Time and again, content and substance is taken as read. So what else does that leave you with?

A significant, and largely unconscious, part of this has to come down to design. Just as we eat with our eyes, we decide with our eyes

I’m really looking forward to Objectified:

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This film is from the same people who brought you Helvetica. Gad! A film about a font! And it was good. Really good. Blogging really is bringing out my inherent nerdiness. I need to go and find a small furry animal to hunt and kill for my dinner now …