Jeff Barr has been coding since he was in his mid-teens. He worked his way up to a Programme Manager role at Microsoft, and he currently Evangelises on behalf of a little-known company called … Amazon.
If you wanted to woo this guy into your organisation, how would you do it? Not like this.

This post really speaks to me about the problems of hiring the brightest and the best. I use a disparaging term when describing the bulk of people that I meet in placement agencies here in Ireland. I call them, “23 year-old clowns in silk blouses” – and I use that term to describe both the men and the women working in that industry.

Far too often, a client of mine rings me, gnashing his/her teeth in frustration following a meeting with one of these clowns. “He/She didn’t have a clue!” they wail. “He/She spent the whole meeting trying to get me to talk about what it is I do for a living! He/She obviously had zero understanding of the nature of the role he/she is trying to fill; and more importantly, obviously has absolutely no relationship with the hiring company.”

I have come to expect this lack of professionalism here in Ireland on the part of the placement business, [I understand from clients that things are little better in the UK, quite good in Australia and very mixed in the US] but I was a little disappointed to read of Jeff’s experience with what is supposed to be the Holy Grail of companies. I guess if you have doubled the size of your workforce three years running, it is inevitable that some cracks will start to show …