Have you ever heard of a happy hermit? Do other crabs make fun of the solitary nature of the much-maligned Coenobita compressus? [warbles appallingly off-key]: “But ya gotta have frieeee …. heeeh … heeeh … ends!”
The Chief Happiness Officer himself, Alexander Kjerulf, joined me again on Q102 for a lively discussion on how important your network is for your ongoing health, happiness and sanity.

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Alex, as ever, hit it square on the head. He reckons you can distil all of the blather about networking down to one key question we need to ask with regard to the people in our lives:

“Do these people bring out the best in me or the worst in me?”

In our offline discussion, we elaborated further upon this to include the corporate culture, the mindset of the boss [balanced, unbalanced, unhinged?] and the energy level of colleagues in the office. But that’s for another day.

If you have no objection to terminal flatulence, the Guinness is on me Alex …
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