He’s ba-ack! HIV in under 10 minutes:

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Just stunning. THIS is how you present complex statistics. And by that, I don’t mean that you have to invest in all-singing, all-dancing, GapMinder software, I mean you need to be:
  • 100% on top of your data
  • 100% willing to break down the axes and explain what the charts mean [up to and including clambering all over the furniture as Dr Rosling does]
  • 100% capable of explaining why that data is noteworthy/relevant
  • 100% clear about the bits that are going to be of interest to your audience
  • 100% passionate about your topic
  • 100% capable of solidifying a laser (“law-ser”) beam into a solid pole
UPDATE: Prof Rosling very kindly commented and invited us all to visit Gapminder to play with the material there. If you are someone who ever has to present statistical data, it’s a must-see, for everyone else, have fun with the toys.

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