The Ireland Graduate Careers Survey 2009 has been published and has generated quite a bit of press interest, given the prevailing economic conditions. I had some fun with a somewhat laryngeal Mr Hook on Newstalk radio on this topic, examining whether the fresh crop of graduates have the ‘right stuff’ or if they are a bit over-the-top in their expectations for the future:

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I recall a conversation with the head of the careers service in a major Antipodean university earlier this year. His sage advice to the little chickadees coming in to his office was:

Do not graduate in 2009 or 2010. Do a post-grad, volunteer, sweep the streets, train in some discipline, or sell body parts; but DO NOT LEAVE THE GROVES OF ACADEME!

Drop the parchment, keep your hands where I can see them and step away from the mortar board!

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