A good chat with Mr Tubridy on RTE Radio, talking about where to find a job to apply for – because recruitment advertisements seem to be elusive little beasts these days. You can find the entire programme here or just listen to the job-hunt piece (about 9 minutes) below:
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Low-key, passive, private job-hunting is not going to cut it any more folks. As Mr T. says, “Where hope once came seeking you out, you must now seek out hope.” Waiting with bated breath for the perfect job to appear in your favourite newspaper, or on your favourite jobsite, is unlikely to bear fruit right now. You can’t ignore these routes, but you really, really cannot rely upon them either. Remember the old Steven Wright quote?
“There’s a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot.”
He was so right. This is no way to job-hunt folks – because your CV is unlikely to stand out from the crowd in the same way as a lure/spinner/feather is unlikely to stand out for the one little fishie that’s swimming past this rather scary crowd.  
Skip the queue! Get upstream of the crowd and drop a very shiny lure in front of a relaxed, unstressed fishie, because if someone else does and you don’t, guess who’s getting hired?

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