I was a bit tired this weekend, so when I got a notification from Feedburner telling me to move my feeds over to Google, I just pushed the relevant buttons without giving it much thought.


My subscriber stats seemed to have gone all higgledy piggledy since, so if you’re seeing this post in your RSS Reader, I’m delighted to hear it, thanks you for your subscription and I hope everything is working smoothly.

If you’re not reading this in a Reader … I’m not quite sure what to say, seeing as I can’t reach you any more via that clean and friendly route.

If you’re reading this having browsed or followed a link here, welcome to the Oasis. If you’re a regular reader of this or any other blogs, do try clicking one the RSS buttons so that you can be notified of new rantings posts.

Bear with me … it could be the cam shaft … or that blue wiggly thing. I’ll keep tinkering.