Mr Williams, from Q102, usually such a nice fellow, peppering me with a series of truly hideous questions on the issues surrounding equality in the workplace:

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Isn’t the world in which we live such a peachy place? As a father of daughters, this kind of discussion makes me very sad. As an observer of humankind, it just makes me weary. By any rational measure, women are better than men at everything, with the possible exceptions of lifting heavy objects and chucking spears at woolly mammoths. Good luck finding lucrative employment in the developed world that is based on either of those skills … And yet there seems to be such a shortage of Double X chromosones in the upper echelons of the working world. How can this be?

It has long been my opinion that one does not discriminate against something that represents no threat to one’s wellbeing …

Part of American greatness, is discrimination. Yes, sir. Inequality, I think, breeds freedom and gives a man opportunity. – Lestor Maddox

There can be no doubt that our Nation has had a long and unfortunate history of sex discrimination. Traditionally, such discrimination was rationalized by an attitude of “romantic paternalism” which, in practical effect, put women, not on a pedestal, but in a cage. – William J. Brennan

Is this discrimination against 50% of the population happening on a daily basis? I think we can all agree that it is. Is that discrimination happening on the basis of feelings of strength and security? I do not think so. Is the trend on all of this ugliness starting to shift? Yes it is, but waaaaaay too slowly. When women collectively realise just how much power and control they truly exert in this world, we will see a dramatic upswing in that trend. At that juncture, it will be so nice to be able to go into a boardroom and not have to discuss rugby, soccer, golf and motorsports.

In the meantime … deep sigh.