A discussion with Bernie – one of the victims participants from the Q102 Workshop in February. Bernie was a long time in her most recent job and isn’t sure what to do next. So we’re going to start with, “I want it all and I want it now …” and see where we go from there.
  • Bernie could step back into her existing role in the food industry (or similar) should something of that nature arise in the near future. But she’s is not sure if that’s what she wants to do.
  • Bernie also garnered extra qualifications along the way, but is worried about how to present a “re-invented” version of herself to the market, particularly in these constrained times.
  • She isn’t sure what tools to use to help her make up her mind – should she keep making buggy whips or move into making gear stick covers for Mr Ford?
  • Finally, some thoughts on route of entry into a contracting jobs market.

See what you think …

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