It was a dark and stormy night …

Actually, it was a really sunny day on the Adriatic coast, as I launched this meme [launch post is here] while I was away on my holidays. I’m delighted to see the response so far – thank you so much to all who have contributed, passed on the meme, commented, or written directly to me. Please keep the ball rolling; the quality of the contributions so far has been outstanding and there is so much more working-life experience that we can share on this oh-so important topic.

I’m going back to politely pester the people I have tagged on this one who haven’t got around to contributing yet, and I’m delighted to see new input trickling into my inbox from people I have never met or read yet. Already, I’ve added a dozen new blogs to my reader and found new ideas and approaches in each one of them. Let’s make the trickle of ideas a flow …
Contributors to date, broken out by the stages of the hunt:

HURDLE 1 – Targeting & Research

  • Alexander Kjerulf, the Chief Happiness Officer with a stunningly simple thought on what constitutes the right job for you. He also has some clear-sighted thoughts on identifying your tipping point of when it’s time to move on …

HURDLE 2 – The Written Stage

  • Deb Owen over at 8 Hours & A Lunch has a really tightly written piece on turning your CV/Résumé into a real marketing tool. The keys? Know your audience and differentiate, differentiate, differentiate.

HURDLE 3 – Interviews

HURDLE 4 – “Dance Monkey Boy!”

  • Wally Bock over at Three Star Leadership distils 40 years of professional experience into a soaring post on job-hunting: “… the basics haven’t changed. You need to be choosy, systematic and tireless. Be little bit lucky helps, too.” Encore Wally!
  • Karen the Headhunter on how to approach the various strands of pre-employment testing (When it comes to drug screens, avoid asking, “It’s just urinalysis, right?”) [Thanks Karen, I ruined a perfectly good shirt when I squirted tea out my nostrils I laughed so hard at this post]
  • In the comments, Craig very kindly points us to a swoon-worthy post by the Cranky Product Manager on how to impress her in the selection process. Reverse engineering all the way – I think I’m in love …

HURDLE 5 – Negotiation

HURDLE 6 – Starting The New Job

If I’ve missed anyone’s submission, do drop me a line or send me a comment. I’ve noticed that a few of those already listed here didn’t show up on Technorati.

Y’all come back now, y’hear? We’ve got lots more goodies coming. I suspect this beast is going to get bigger and bigger … [You can subscribe for updates using the RSS button thingie over in the sidebar]

I’ve had some good questions by comment and mail:

Jacob – there’s no deadline for submission. If we build enough quality material, I’d like to go the e-book route by the end of the year or maybe early next year. Plenty of time to get your thoughts together!

Craig – you do have a post on this topic. You just haven’t written it yet.

Bilal – your experiences and lessons from the Middle East will be a very valuable contribution to the body of knowledge in the Project. I very much look forward to seeing your thoughts.

Sally – I look forward to your post.

Nicholas – Thank you for the kind words and encouragement.