I launched the Definitive Job-Hunt meme [launch post is here] just a month ago and the response so far has been tremendous. We’re up to 31 posts and a google search of the meme finds over 650 references and cross-references to posts on the topic – all based on a growing list of quality contributions from some very clear-thinking folks out there. Thank you so again to all who have contributed, passed on the meme, commented, or written directly to me so far.

Contributors to date, broken out by the stages of the hunt are below. Updates and new material are marked with a NEW!

HURDLE 1 – Targeting & Research

  • Alexander Kjerulf, the Chief Happiness Officer with a stunningly simple thought on what constitutes the right job for you. He also has some clear-sighted thoughts on identifying your tipping point of when it’s time to move on …

  • NEW! Me on quitting your current job – a surprisingly tricky topic for many people.

HURDLE 2 – The Written Stage

  • Deb Owen over at 8 Hours & A Lunch has a really tightly written piece on turning your CV/Résumé into a real marketing tool. The keys? Know your audience and differentiate, differentiate, differentiate.

HURDLE 3 – Interviews

  • NEW! Me on leading off well with your opener in an interview. [This was part of a larger series which I’ve just remembered I really need to get back to]

  • NEW! Declan Chellar again – this time with some very matter-of-fact advice on tardiness for interviews“You had better be carrying one of your limbs in a bucket of ice.” Highly recommended.

HURDLE 4 – “Dance Monkey Boy!”

  • Wally Bock over at Three Star Leadership distils 40 years of professional experience into a soaring post on job-hunting: “… the basics haven’t changed. You need to be choosy, systematic and tireless. Be little bit lucky helps, too.” Encore Wally!
  • Karen the Headhunter on how to approach the various strands of pre-employment testing (When it comes to drug screens, avoid asking, “It’s just urinalysis, right?”) [Thanks Karen, I ruined a perfectly good shirt when I squirted tea out my nostrils I laughed so hard at this post]
  • In the comments, Craig very kindly points us to a swoon-worthy post by the Cranky Product Manager on how to impress her in the selection process. Reverse engineering all the way – I think I’m in love …
  • NEW! Lisa from HR Thoughts with a very focused piece on what to do and say as you approach a booth at a job fair.

HURDLE 5 – Negotiation

HURDLE 6 – Starting The New Job

  • Steve Roesler at All Things Workplace with three four a bunch of great posts on the topic of getting your head in the right frame to consider a mid-career change: Part 1. Part 2. NEW! His hilarious part 3 is here and Part 4 (of 3!) – complete with ‘shexie’ presentation – completes the set here.

  • NEW! Colette Clail on the topic of career change. Colette is an Irish career coach who is too busy finishing her book to find time to blog. I look forward to the day she remedies that.

  • NEW! Me on starting a new job – be very careful of the precedents you set and the expectations that arise as a result.

If I’ve missed anyone’s submission, do drop me a line or send me a comment. I’ve noticed that a few of those already listed here didn’t show up on Technorati.

Watch this space, more to come. And please don’t be shy. If you have any thoughts on this sprawling monster of a topic, please write a post or drop me a line or comment. It has been my experience that everyone has at least one killer idea for the job-hunt. Please share!