I’m not big into all the New Year, clean start, stuff and I think it is something of an understatement to say that Pol Pot didn’t have very many good ideas, but even I would have to allow that his Year Zero thing was quite clever. Heritage, tradition, history, or pesky facts getting in the way of your psychopathic worldview? Pah! Banish it all and declare Year Zero!

On any given day, you can throw a mental switch (hopefully not all the way into full-on sociopathy) and decide that it is Day Zero. I don’t think that January 1st is a particularly good day to do this. Anecdotally, we hear of too many people who are broke from Christmas spending, overweight/unhealthy from Christmas indulgence and feeling downright miserable about being back at the office. Add cold, darkness, and a looming credit card bill and I don’t reckon that this is a good moment to be making important decisions about much of anything.

Day Zero can be any day. Not happy with the track you are on? Had your ideas stolen or ignored just once too often? A final straw has just broken your camel’s back? Click … it’s day zero! For the more populist approach, I contributed 7 Thoughts for 07 for RecruitIreland.com, so for all you “Bah, humbug!” types out there … sorry.

  1. Get positive
  2. Get visible
  3. Get clear
  4. Set expectations
  5. Have an elevator sales pitch ready
  6. Write well
  7. Establish credibility
The full piece is here.