Really excellent post from Paul Dervan over the weekend. Paul is the Brand & Marketing Campaigns Manager with o2 here in Ireland and he is not asking a lot – all he wants is a CV from a marketing professional that markets the person and looks and feels professional. To me, that does not sound like an unreasonable expectation. But apparently it was …
I went through 19 CVs one night this week.

In search of somebody that loves advertising, has some experience in it and is willing to work hard. Could I tell from the CVs? Nope. Not one had a blog or a link to a portfolio or previous campaigns either.

I couldn’t help but wonder how individuals with marketing backgrounds, working in the field of communication, do not sell themselves better.

[I couldn’t help but wonder was Paul channeling Sarah Jessica Parker as he wrote that last line. 🙂 ] Clunk click to read the rest of his excellent post.

H/T: Fluffy Damo