The world has become a much smaller place. Population densities in urban areas are reaching levels thought impossible in the past and are bringing people of diverse backgrounds, belief systems and education into closer proximity than ever before. This incident, related to me by a colleague from the medical field really struck a chord with me.
In a Dublin hospital, two patients were sharing a room. They were both scheduled for surgery the next day. One was an Irish little old lady (LOL) who was becoming increasingly anxious and reciting endless rosaries as the day wore on. The other was a Kenyan gentleman, who was also very anxious at the prospect of his surgery. Specifically, he requested that four bulbs of garlic be placed at the corners of his bed because he had been cursed with “bad ju-ju” and was afraid that he might not survive the surgery unless he could ward off the evil spirits that had been called down upon him.

See if you can guess which patient was referred for a Psychiatric consult?

In our globalised world, it is so easy to inadvertently run roughshod over someone’s belief system or a deeply-cherished societal moré. I have (slowly) learned that it is better to hold off using my mouth until my eyes and ears have done their job …

Michael Wade presents an interesting quandary on this today at Execupundit.

A friend of mine is a Voodoo Acupuncturist. You don’t even have to visit him – you’re just walking down the street, and … “Ooh, that’s much better.” (Steven Wright)