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Networking – do I really have to? With more and more positions being filled via the low-risk, low-cost route of, “Hiring someone who is in some way a known quantity to us,” you simply have to get good at networking. Without it, you could be missing out on the majority of opportunities in your sector. […]

Ignite: A Free Guide to Igniting Your Career

Ignite Your Career: The Fundamentals of Strategic Career Management You cannot get ahead in your career by operating in a vacuum. Ignite your future with this 10-page guide to optimising your chances for professional survival and success. What is all the fuss about this concept of managing your career? It’s likely you have only one […]

Ultimate CV: Trade secrets from a recruitment insider

Ultimate CV: Trade secrets from a recruitment insider So, after much careful, painstaking research you are finally ready to take yourself, and your wealth of experience and qualifications, to the job of your dreams. The first opportunity you’ll have to present yourself is through your CV. So you’d better get it right. Ultimate CV tells you […]

Where's My Oasis?

Where’s My Oasis? The essential handbook for everyone wanting that perfect job In today’s market place, job-hunting is for dummies – the smart people are career-hunting. You need to present a cogent, structured picture of yourself to a potential employer from the earliest ‘moment of truth’ right through to the final stage of the process. […]