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Meet Walter Lewin, a septugenarian Professor of Physics from MIT and one of the most engaging and inspirational presenters on planet Earth. My last encounter with physics lectures involved dry monotone delivery [think Charlie Brown’s teacher from the Peanuts TV show] accompanied by a scrolling set of notes on an overhead projector and once a […]

Tom Raftery managed to abduct Hans Rosling from Stockholm for all of 22 hours to come and speak at the IT@Cork Conference in November 2007 and he has just posted the Professor’s presentation on his blog. Much has been written about Rosling and his wonderful ability to present complex statistical data in a compelling and […]

The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard. The very antithesis of the high production values of An Inconvenient Truth – black and white, super-simple graphics, relatively unvarying delivery style – but brilliant for all that. Annie is Naomi Klein in a cool purple shirt, with a very clear message. The 20-minute presentation is just superb. […]

A truly arresting video. Spend the four minutes. And then do something. RSS readers may need to click through to the post.

Ladies and gentlemen … the extraordinary Rives. [If you’re looking at this on an RSS feed you’ll need to click through to see the vid – it’s a TED thing.] Every time I hear Rives open his mouth, I have only one thing to say: “More!”

This. Blew. Me. Away. (For RSS readers, for some reason you have to click through to the post to see the presentation. It’s a TED thing – sorry.)