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I am a sucker for magic. There, I said it! I guess I must be left-brain dominant, because since childhood I have always loved using logic to work out when and how the effect has taken place. In particular, I have always admired the skill, verbosity and discipline of the close-up prestidigitator; so as you […]

Ladies and gentlemen … the extraordinary Rives. [If you’re looking at this on an RSS feed you’ll need to click through to see the vid – it’s a TED thing.] Every time I hear Rives open his mouth, I have only one thing to say: “More!”

This is the closing passage from A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean. [You may remember the film with a young Brad Pitt, directed by Robert Redford.] The narrator is reflecting on his life, those who have touched that life, and the importance of his time spent fishing on the Blackfoot river in Montana: […]

Ambrose Bierce 1842 – 1914 (ish) Bierce’s wonderful Devil’s Dictionary was first published in 1906 under the title The Cynic’s Word Book. It remains a rich source of quote, speech and presentation material to this day. It has been postulated that his ability to cut through political and media doublespeak was fomented by his experiences […]