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Kirsten and William over at Career Distinction have an interesting widget on their site, allowing you to crudely assess how the name recognition for Brand You is doing out there on the interwebs. If you’re out there hunting for that perfect job, or if you’re a blogger looking to build an online profile, this is […]

“Networking is my mantra!” (Tom Peters) Hmm. Seems I was wrong. Enough people mailed me after my little thought on Linkedin the other day saying, “Robo, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about,” that I thought maybe I should write a little on the topic. Manahan’s theory of networking in a nutshell: HUMAN […]

Ooh! It would appear that this blog is starting to get noticed. Two interesting items in the inbox today. First, my meme cherry was popped with the 8 Random Things tagging by Evil HR Lady [sooooo jealous of that moniker] and second, the nice folks at 2 Dolphins blogtipped me with some lovely feedback and […]

What is it about the written word? What makes it so powerful? Moses did not come back down from Mount Sinai having had a five-minute chat with the Supreme Being. No. Apparently, he spent a couple of days up there while the Almighty himself chiselled the commandments down on two tablets of stone. Presumably, the […]

In the Web 1.0 world, privacy concerns loomed large and most people hid behind pseudonyms. With the advent of Web 2.0, for many people, that seems to have been turned on its head. If you are selling something, anything, you want to be visible on the interwebs. And if the thing you are selling is […]

Penelope Trunk very kindly sent me an advance copy of her forthcoming book, Brazen Careerist. My immediate reaction after my first read-through is that it is a must-have, must-read, must-follow book for anyone who is serious about managing their career in these insecure times. It’s a fast, logical, read (200 pages, 45 short chapters) directed […]

Marketing Magazine in Ireland asked me to do a review of Seth’s last book, All Marketers Are Liars (€11.91 Penguin) which is now available in paperback. I remember sitting in the Tivoli Theatre in 1992 watching the incomparable Bill Hicks doing stand-up. At one point he shouted out to the audience: “By the way, if […]

It’s always nice to get a good review, and particularly so when the reviewer is someone you admire. Ross Bowring had some nice words about Where’s My Oasis and this is from a man who writes (brilliantly) on the subject of ‘sucking the suckiness out of public speaking.’Thank you Ross.