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Can you survive these days if you are not computer literate? Methinks not. I did not always think this way. When I left college, my ongoing rant went something along the lines of, “Damned computers! They’ll never replace the creativity of the human spirit!” Of course in those days, we only had one word-processing thingamajig […]

[Click on image to enlarge] I stumbled upon KartOO a little while ago and I’ve been fiddling with it a bit. Makes a nice change from the entirely text-based results of my staple search engine and I’ve uncovered some oddities that I might not otherwise have found when using it It will be interesting to […]

We have now reached just over 400 online subscribers and close to the same number receiving Fortify Your Oasis by email (plus, coincidentally, the same number of incoming links from other sites since all this blogginess started – thank you everyone who has noticed and linked and especially to all those who have commented). Add […]

Well maybe not quite, but it’s pretty darn close on a topic by topic basis. Guy Kawasaki and his team have taken simple aggregation to a whole new level with Alltop. For those of you who still haven’t got their heads around RSS feeds and subscriptions and readers – which seems to be the vast […]

Guy Kawasaki visited Ireland to deliver his Art Of The Start talk at the Irish Software Association’s annual conference last week. His ‘Irished-up’ version of the talk was warmly received by a packed house – you can see his thoughts on the art and science of Guinness here. Despite his busy work and tourist schedule […]

Liz Strauss hosted a great Open Mic on the age-old Mac/PC debate the other night and I added my (extremely tardy) $0.02 worth: It was a really interesting discussion, in keeping with quite a number that I have seen over the years [BusinessPundit’s final post on the topic was just hilarious]. If you have become […]

So, I’ve been fiddling with various online social media thingies for the last while and here, in no particular order, is my perspective. Profile of user: 40-something, intermittently grouchy, business user. Information hungry, with a low, low, loooowtolerance for twaddle. Good writing and intermittent humour essential. No nonsense? Don’t waste my time? Get to the […]

I noticed a nice little extra on Google Image Search this afternoon – the nice folks at Google have just introduced “Extra Large Images” as a subset to break down your search. Very handy when you’re looking for that big, hi-res image of Sting’s nasal hair for a presentation. Happy hunting.

I just had a little fiddle with the Presentation option in Google Docs. Very clean interface, simple feature set, nice display capability. I can’t see any import functionality from existing PowerPoint or Keynote files yet, but no doubt they will remedy that going forward. Definitely a product to keep an eye on. I can certainly […]

See this nifty little image? It’s also over there on the sidebar of my blog. You’ll see it all over the interwebs these days. It’s a subscribe-to-an-RSS-feed button. Now, when I was growing up the word “subscribe” had bad, and usually expensive, connotations – that subscription to The Reader’s Digest or National Geographic that you […]