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I was asked to conduct a deepdive at the Dotconf this week on this topic. What if you get an unexpected opportunity to make an important presentation? A slot at a big conference? Some major investors roll into town and someone in your network gets you 30 minutes with them? You’re asked to demo your […]

There are lots of sites and blogs which point out the foibles and follies of SlideWare, indeed I’ve done it here myself a number of times. Inevitably, there is a spectrum among these sites – some are good, some are very good and some are not good at all. I came across two slide makeovers […]

The age-old question. Well, it’s not the knowledge level of the presenter. We’ve all been bored to tears by subject matter experts who could probably be cited for breaches of the Geneva Conventions, so awful are their presentations. It’s not shiny slides. Great graphic design doth not a great presentation make. It’s not a fluent, […]

About a year ago, I SlideShared some simple guidelines on how to create more effective slides using a primarily visual approach. This has proved to be a popular slideshow, with over 33,000 views and 59 embeds in blogs around the ‘sphere. The piece is part of a much larger, 2-day seminar on presentation skills and, […]

I have been enjoying Frank Luntz’s excellent book Words That Work. His subtitle for the book is: It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear. Which immediately begged the question in my mind – “What if they are not listening at all?” This is a particular problem in a presentation setting. With so many […]

I’ve been polling audiences and clients for many years now about their views on presentations. Unsurprisingly, the majority of them can only point to a handful of great teachers, lecturers, presenters or speakers that they have encountered in a lifetime. In this arena, as in every other, the bell curve rules. Okay then, I ask, […]

Guy Kawasaki turned 53 a couple of weeks ago. A mere babe in arms. For God’s sake, I have a brother older than that! Nevertheless, our Guy became somewhat contemplative following an incident with a cute blonde and a drink and started pondering. His post inspired some of the tightest, smartest comments I have seen […]

The majority of material I read on presenting with software stresses the importance of deciding what your point (or intention) is and using the software to the hilt to get that point across. Why do so few presenters do this? Why do the vast majority of presentations just suuuuuuck? I’ve been doing a lot of […]

Most presenters set up their laptop and projector and then leave their title slide burning itself onto the retinas of the audience while the room fills up. I leave this presentation running while the auditorium is filling or during breaks. It’s a timed piece, with each slide onscreen for 3-4 seconds. My collection has grown […]

On this, the 20th anniversary of the release of PowerPoint, I thought I would share a tool I have been using for many years now with you all. As a modern dad, writer, blogger and lecturer, I regularly treat my daughters to a full-blown multimedia bedtime story. Books? Pish-tosh! We’re a DIGITAL house! Unfortunately, Slideshare […]