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We’ve all seen the classical attention-over-time graph demonstrating the importance of Primacy (what you say first) and Recency (what you say last) in any lecture, speech or presentation. The opening moment is when you have the greatest chance to catch and hold people’s attention – even if you are talking to a group of people who […]

My post on grabbing your audience’s attention from the outset generated a really interesting contrarian view from Olivia Mitchell. I was going to keep responding back and forth in the comments, but I asked Olivia’s permission and we’re posting it here in the hope that it will keep the conversation going and widen that conversation. […]

I like the Ignite method – 20 slides, 15 seconds per slide for a total of 5 minutes onstage. This is such a great talk from VJ at Ignite Seattle earlier this year – funny, useful and thought-provoking. Ask an audience when they realised that they were in for a good time at a presentation […]

You walk a tightrope in your career. If you lean too far over onto the ‘Confidence’ side, you can be seen as brash or arrogant and take a fall. If you lean too far over onto the ‘Humility’ side, you can be seen as lacking essential confidence or being unready for more responsibility and take […]

Maria Sharapova. Fred Astaire. Tiger Woods. Laurence Olivier. These people represent the pinnacle of their professions and they all embody the value of continuous, focused, practice. Neurological research is now uncovering that physiological changes occur in the brain and the nervous system as a result of repeated practice of physical exercises. The coaches of old […]