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I usually get to the slideware quite late in the process of producing any of my talks and I try to instil the same approach in my clients. My build usually goes as follows: Who are these people? The big idea The core points The words I’m going to say The images I’m going to […]

The extraordinary Taylor Mali. ‘Nuff said. RSS Readers may need to click through to the post

It happens to us all – a big presentation gets cancelled, your part of the pitch gets pulled or you decide to leave out a section of a presentation that you had worked on long and hard. I was working with a client recently on a major presentation and we had included a very nice […]

The age-old question. Well, it’s not the knowledge level of the presenter. We’ve all been bored to tears by subject matter experts who could probably be cited for breaches of the Geneva Conventions, so awful are their presentations. It’s not shiny slides. Great graphic design doth not a great presentation make. It’s not a fluent, […]

My post on grabbing your audience’s attention from the outset generated a really interesting contrarian view from Olivia Mitchell. I was going to keep responding back and forth in the comments, but I asked Olivia’s permission and we’re posting it here in the hope that it will keep the conversation going and widen that conversation. […]

If you’ve ever given a presentation that fell flat because you misjudged your audience in some way, the following urban tale will resonate with you. Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp acquired the New York Post in 1993. Apparently Murdoch bumped into one of the bigwigs from Bloomingdales some time later and, in the course of the […]

Meet Walter Lewin, a septugenarian Professor of Physics from MIT and one of the most engaging and inspirational presenters on planet Earth. My last encounter with physics lectures involved dry monotone delivery [think Charlie Brown’s teacher from the Peanuts TV show] accompanied by a scrolling set of notes on an overhead projector and once a […]

Superb post by Andrew over at Six Minutes on the topic of working on your speech or talk until it’s much tighter and better expressed editing. A must-see, make sure you scroll down to the before & after example in the table – click here.

This captures it perfectly – from the New Yorker My rant on getting past presenting in an endless stream of bullet points generated a lot of response both in the comments and on email. Thank you all for your time and your ideas (which you can read here). My follow-up thoughts are below. Interesting point […]

I’ve been polling audiences and clients for many years now about their views on presentations. Unsurprisingly, the majority of them can only point to a handful of great teachers, lecturers, presenters or speakers that they have encountered in a lifetime. In this arena, as in every other, the bell curve rules. Okay then, I ask, […]