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We’ve all seen the classical attention-over-time graph demonstrating the importance of Primacy (what you say first) and Recency (what you say last) in any lecture, speech or presentation. The opening moment is when you have the greatest chance to catch and hold people’s attention – even if you are talking to a group of people who […]

Part two of a post that’s intended to give you some insight into the effort that is needed in advance of TEDxDublin and also perhaps, to help you if you would ever like to give a TEDx or prepare for another major speaking event. [Part 1 is here] Visuals Most of our speakers this year […]

So we did another TEDxDublin – another big one. On September 14th 2013, the Bord Gais Energy Theatre (doesn’t that piece of corporate titling just trip off the tongue?) was filled to its 2,000+ capacity to see 12 amazing speakers and a selection of TED videos. Six hours of ideas worth sharing. This post is […]

 “On your feet – selling your great idea” This will be a deepdive into the world of pitching, peddling and presenting your idea, yourself and your company to the world at large. Lots of attendees at the Dotconf have a great idea and all the enthusiasm in the world – but their idea doesn’t take […]

I have attended a number of conferences, lectures and talks in the past two weeks and I’ve just reviewed my notes on the elements that irritated my eyes and ears in them. In no particular order, I’ve highlighted the problem first (with my thoughts in brackets): Speaking too fast (Trying to cram in too much, […]

I was asked to conduct a deepdive at the Dotconf this week on this topic. What if you get an unexpected opportunity to make an important presentation? A slot at a big conference? Some major investors roll into town and someone in your network gets you 30 minutes with them? You’re asked to demo your […]

I was invited to give a deepdive talk on presentation skills at Dotconf 2011 here in Dublin. The deepdive format is great – you give two 30 minute talks to two different audiences and based on the assumption that people know the basics of the topic – hence deepdiving. I drilled in on a number […]

The first time I burned my fingers changing out a lamp in an overhead projector was a salutary lesson for me. From then on, I always carried a glove in my presentation bag. Over the years, the contents of my bag have evolved to reflect the technology that I am using and every now and […]

The inimitable and always-excellent Dr R is back, this time at TEDx Change from a few weeks back … 1. Look at how masterful he is at the very outset as he lays out the 8 criteria for success and then his almost poetic summary of that. Learning point: he has his material down cold. […]

I have lost count of the number of times clients have said that to me. My thoughts on people who produce and deliver cruddy presentations citing “lack of time” as the rationale for the cruddiness: If it’s not worth doing properly, what makes you think it’s worth doing at all? The most common outcome of […]